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Types of trucks, semi-trailers, trailers
Tilt, semi-trailer
Is intended for transportation of most types of cargoes. Loading can be produced from above, sideways, behind. Carrying capacity: 20-25 tons. Capacity: 22-33 evropallets. Useful volume: from 60-96 m.kub.
Refrigerator, semi-trailer
Semitrailer with refrigeration unit. Intended for transportation of perishables. In a cargo bay from saves a temperature from +25`C to - 25`C. Carrying capacity: 12-22 tons. Useful volume: 60-92 m.kub. Capacity: 24-33 evropallets. "Evrostandart" : 20 tons of 82 m.kub. 32 pallets. Operation is more expensive than usual types of trucks on 5-25 %.
Car plus a trailer. Advantage: rapid loading/unloading and large useful volume. Failing: not suitable for transportation of long-length wares. Carrying capacity: 16-25 tons. Useful volume: 60-120m.kub. Capacity: 22-33 evropallets.
The semitrailer of the raised capacity. It is reached for the account "Г" of a-shaped floor and the reduced diameter of wheels of the semitrailer. Load-carrying capacity: to 20 tons. Useful volume: 96-110 m. cubic Capacity: 33 europallets.
The container truck
Is suitable for transportation of containers of various kinds. Carrying capacity: 20-30 tons.
Intended for transportation of liquids. Carrying capacity: 12-22 tons. Volume: 8-40 m.kub.
Intended for transportation of cars. Carrying capacity: 20-25 tons. Capacity directly depends on length of the trailer on the average 8-10 cars.
Corn truck
Intended for transportation of grain crops. Carrying capacity: 12-25 tons.
Dumper truck
Is used for transportation of sand and other friable loads. Carrying capacity: 12-40 tons.